Chem. 550 Grading Policy

Spring 2018


          Students must attend the lectures. 

You should make a serious effort to address each homework problem before seeking help.  If you are stuck, you may obtain help from other students, the teaching assistant, or the instructor.  Working in groups is fine, but make sure you get a chance to think about each problem before you hear clues from someone else.  Copying solutions from any source is strictly prohibited and will automatically result in zero credit for the entire assignment. 

All students are expected to turn in the homework in class on the day it is due.  In case of an emergency or serious conflict, homework may be turned in late for full credit only if such arrangements have been made in advance with Professor Makri.  Otherwise, late homework will incur a 20% penalty per lecture day.  No credit will be given for homework turned in after the solutions have been posted. There are no lengthy exams, but there will be a few short quizzes. Each student's lowest quiz score will be dropped. Missing a quiz will result in a score of zero, unless an alternative arrangement has been made in advance with Professor Makri or in the event of an emergency.

Grades for Chem. 550 will be calculated based on assignments and exams with the following weights: