Special Announcements for Chem. 444


Please update your bookmarks with the new address, http://www.scs.uiuc.edu/~makri/New-Web-Site/444-web-page/chem-444.html.


Homework solutions have relocated; they can be found by clicking on "Homework Solutions" on the main course web site.

On Friday we have the first closed-book exam.  You may bring a simple scientific calculator. 


Please be sure to turn in homework on time (i.e., by 11:00 on Wednesdays or designated due date).  There is a limit of three late homeworks for the semester.  Once this limit has been reached, homework will not be accepted for credit.  Exceptions will be accommodated under serious circumstances (i.e., with doctor's note, etc.)


The second exam, scheduled for Friday 11/3, will focus on units 3-6.  You should, of course, be able to recall basic relations from units 0-2 that may be necessary to perform calculations.  No calculators this time.