Chem. 442C 
Prof. Nancy Makri
Fall 2014

Homework Assignments and Solutions

Homework #1 (due Sept. 3 at 11:50):  Math1, Math2, plus Textbook Exercises 7.1a, 7.4a, 7.10a, 7.11a,b, 7.13a,b, and Problem 7.7.

    Solutions to homework #1: SolMath1, SolMath2, SolEx7.1a, SolEx7.4a, SolEx7.10a, SolEx7.11a, SolEx7.11b, SolEx7.13a, SolEx7.13b, SolPr7.7.

Homework #2 (due Sept. 10 at 11:50): Math3, Math4, Basics1, Basics2.  Also Textbook Exercises 7.3a, 7.12b.   Problem 7.21.

    Solutions to homework #2: SolMath3, SolMath4, SolBasics1, SolBasics2, SolEx7.3a, SolEx7.12b, SolPr7.21.

Homework #3 (due Sept. 17 at 11:50): Math5, Basics3Basics4.  Also Textbook Exercises 7.17a, 7.17b and Problems 7.8, 7.17, 7.19, 7.24.

    Solutions to homework #3: SolMath5, SolBasics3, SolBasics4, SolEx7.17a, SolEx7.17b, SolPr7.8, SolPr7.17, SolPr7.19, SolPr7.24.

Homework #4 (due Sept. 24 at 11:50): Math6, Basics5, Basics6, Basics7, Basics8, Basics9 and Textbook Problem 7.10.  Also review Chapter 7. 

    Solutions to homework #4: SolMath6, SolBasics5, SolBasics6, SolBasics7, SolBasics8, SolBasics9, SolPr7.10.

Homework #5 (due Oct. 1 at 11:50): Box1, Box2.  Also Textbook Exercises 8.1a, 8.3b, 8.4b, 8.6b and Problem 8.10. 

    Solutions to homework #5: SolBox1, SolBox2, SolEx8.1a, SolEx8.3b, SolEx8.4b, SolPr8.10.

Midterm#1:  Friday, Oct. 3rd during class time.  Material for this exam will not include results from the recent unit on model problems (free particle etc.)  (However, you will be asked to do calculations with simple wavefunctions, which may happen to be free-particle or particle-in-a-box wavefunctions, as in previous quizzes.  These wavefunctions will be given. )  Study your notes from lectures and Textbook Chapter 7.  Also review homework sets 1-4. 

Homework #6 (due Oct. 15 at 11:50): Textbook Exercises 8.9a, 8.11a, 8.12a, 8.14a, 8.14b, 8.15b, 8.16b, 8.17a.  Note for problem 8.17a: The reduced mass of a homonuclear diatomic molecule is half of the mass of each atom, not of the whole molecule. 

    Solutions to homework #6: SolEx8.9a, SolEx8.11a, SolEx8.12a, SolEx8.14a, SolEx8.14b, SolEx8.15b, SolEx8.16b, SolEx8.17a.

Homework #7 (due Oct. 22 at 11:50): Textbook Exercises 8.18a, 8.18b, 8.20a, 8.21a, 8.24a. Problems 8.21, 8.27, 8.29.  Note: In exercise 8.20a, the answer given in the book is not correct.

    Solutions to homework #7: SolEx8.18a, SolEx8.18b, SolEx8.20a, SolEx8.21a, SolEx8.24a, SolPr8.21, SolPr8.27, SolPr8.29

Homework #8 (due Oct. 29 at 11:50): Textbook Exercises 9.2a, 9.4a, 9.5a, 9.7a, 9.9a, 9.10a, 9.12a, 9.14a, 9.16a.

    Solutions to homework #8: SolEx9.2a, SolEx9.4a, SolEx9.5a, SolEx9.7a, SolEx9.9a, SolEx9.10a, SolEx9.12a, SolEx9.14a, SolEx9.16a.

Midterm#2:  Wednesday, Nov. 5th, during class time.  Material for this exam includes the model systems (textbook Chapter 8) plus the hydrogen atom (through section 9.3).  As always, you may need to use tools discussed during the first few weeks of the semester.  Study using your lecture notes and textbook, and review homework sets 5-8, quizzes, and in-class assignments. 

Homework #9 (due Nov. 12 at 11:50):  Textbook Exercises 8.24b, 9.14b, 9.23a, Problem 9.16.  Also HydrogenAtom1.  

    Solutions to homework #9:  SolEx8.24b, SolEx9.14b, SolEx9.23a, SolPr9.16.

Homework #10 (due Nov. 19 at 11:50):  VariationalPrinciple1, VariationalPrinciple2, VariationalPrinciple3Revised due date:  Nov. 21 at 11:50.  Note: Problems 2 and 3 have been expanded with further clarifications and step-by-step instructions. Professor Makri's special office hours this week: Thursday, Nov. 20, 1:30-2:30 and 4:00-4:30. 

    Solutions to homework #10:  SolVar1, SolVar2, SolVar3.

Homework #11 (due Dec. 3): Textbook Exercises 10.4a, 10.10b, 10.11a. 

    Solutions to homework #11:  SolEx10.4a, SolEx10.10b, SolEx10.11a.

Homework #12 (due Dec.10): Textbook Exercise 10.17a, 12.23a, 12.24a, 12.24b, Problem 10.12a.  Note:  There is an error in problem 10.12.  For even N, k should go to N/2 (not include -N/2), to get exactly N eigenvalues. 
    Solutions to homework #12:  SolEx10.17a, SolEx12.23a, SolEx12.24a, SolEx12.24b., SolPr10.12a.

Tests and Solutions

SolQuiz1, SolQuiz2, SolQuiz4, SolQuiz5, SolQuiz6. Quiz3 was done in a homework problem. 

Midterm1, SolMidterm1, Midterm2, SolMidterm2

There will be a review on Thursday, Dec. 11, 4:30-6:00 pm, in 161 Noyes Lab

Final exam: Wednesday, Dec. 17, 8-11 am